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Website hosting is safe and easy with Eiwebs. From setup to success, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Protect your small business website with expert service

Don’t take a gamble with your business online. Trust to keep your website online 24/7 with our reliable hosting services. From hosting setup to success, you’ll get full support from our experts every step of the way.
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⎯ Keeping things straightforward, no hidden tricks.

Just exceptionally competitive prices.


$5.95 / monthly

1 Website

10GB Web Storage

15k Visitors

Business Email

Free Domain

Unmetered Bandwidth

SSL Certificate


$8.95 / monthly

3 Websites

20GB Web Storage

50k Visitors

Business email

Free domain

Unmetered bandwidth

SSL Certificate


$10.95 / monthly

10 Websites

40GB Web storage

200k Visitors

Business Email

Free Domain

Unmetered Bandwidth

SSL Certificate

Why choose Smart Shared Web Hosting

Super-quick page loads

SSL installation made easy

Your websites are our priority, we are here to serve you

CloudFlare Protection for your business from threats

Increase resources as per your need

Supports leading Server Scripting languages & frameworks

Move your hosting to us, with help from our experts

Frequently asked questions

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the technology that allows your website to be online. Just like you’d host a guest in your home, think of website hosting as giving your website a place to stay. Once you or a designer has created all the files for your small-business website, they need to be uploaded to a server so anyone on the internet can access it. From images to copy and maybe even a database, it all has to be stored somewhere and connected to your domain name. Using servers, hosting companies are able to store your website. Your website may share a server with other websites being hosted by the same company, or you may choose to pay for a dedicated server to meet your business needs. When deciding on a web hosting provider, it's critical to choose reliable services like ours that keep your small business website online all the time with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Is purchase of a new domain necessary to buy a Linux Shared Hosting Plan?

Purchasing a new domain name is not necessary with your Weeb Hosting Plan. You can use your existing domain with our Web Hosting Service without having to purchase a new one. During the checkout flow, you just have to select the option of using an existing domain name and you are good to go.

How to manage my Databases and Websites on Eiwebs Linux Web Hosting Plan?

Eiwebs Web Hosting services include new. technology Panel, Now managing your databases on phpMyAdmin and adding or removing email accounts can be done within the Panel.

What are the number of websites that I can host on a Shared Hosting Plan?

With the Basic Shared Web Hosting Plan, you can host only 1 website/domain. However, on the Plus and Premium plans you can host multiple websites/domains according to the plan you choose.

Is there any money back guarantee with the Linux Web Hosting services?

Eiwebs has a 30-day money back guarantee with all of the Shared Hosting Plans.

Does Shared Web Hosting include Email Hosting as well?

Yes, it’s included. All of our Shared Hosting plans come along with email services through Dash Panel Webmail. The storage for these emails is shared with your website hosting space and you can create an unlimited number of emails hosting accounts. However, if you wish to use a comprehensive email suite with chat and collaboration tools, you can opt for Google workspace

Is an upgrade possible from my current Shared Hosting Plan?

Yes, you surely can! Upgrading to a higher shared web hosting plan is easy and hassle-free. Our technical team can help you out with it.

Is the subdivision of my Linux Hosting package possible for reselling it?

Eiwebs doesn’t permit the subdivision of your Shared Web Hosting package. However, you can host multiple websites/domains on a shared web hosting plan, if the plan you purchase support it. To be able to resell it to your customers you would need to buy our Reseller Hosting, which will let you create and resell custom web hosting plans.

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