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eLearning for Office 365 users

Increase Office 365 adoption & engagement

With QuickHelp, Office 365 users can access a personalized learning journey that fits their specific needs – accelerating adoption and increasing productivity and long-term value.


User surveys create a curated learning path based on the company’s goals, job roles, work habits and skill level.


Targeted, individualized content and messaging keeps users engaged with their learning path.


Deliver the right content at the right time and reinforce learning to transform the way users work with Office 365.

Reap the benefits of QuickHelp for Office 365

Traditional training is time-consuming, irrelevant and ineffective. If you’ve ever experienced this, you know how frustrating it can be. Learning with QuickHelp is different. By changing the way people work, you’ll drive adoption, preserve IT resources, and increase productivity and collaboration for your team.

1 skill path saves each employee an average of 18 minutes PER WEEK

1 skill path saves at least one helpdesk call PER PERSON

Live events save users an average of one hour PER WEEK

Save thousands of hours and dollars every year with an eLearning platform designed to empower your team to work smarter with Office 365.

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